Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Verbal Messages

Verbal Message - Verbal Messages are spoken words one uses when communicating.

There are two types of verbal messages:
1. Differences in Meaning
2.Changes in Language

Differences in Meaning
Words have certian limitaions.  Not all words mean the same thing to people.  An example of this would be a bat and a bat.  A bat can either be a baseball bat or an amimal.  The diffenition one would find in a dictionary is called denotative meaning.  One can use the the dictionary to find the differences between a bat and a bat.  However, and emotion or person response to a word is called connotative meaning. Some examples of these kinds of words are home, friend, and anxious.

Changes in Language
Because language changes constantly, old words disappear entirely or their meanings change.  These types of words are known as slang words.  Some prime examples of slang words are cool, what's up, or to the extreme. As a communicator, one needs to be aware of the different meanings of words and how words change over time.  The more carefully one chooses their words, the more easily the listener is to relating to the message.

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