Monday, February 28, 2011

Communication: The Good and the Bad

Communication - The process of sending and recieving messages in order to share meanings.

There are 4 types of communication:
1. Interpersonal Communication - Communication between 2 people.
2. Group Communication - Communication with 3 or more people interacting with eachother.
3. Public Communication - Communication with the public being listeners and one speaker.
4. Interpretive Communication - Communication between people using literature.

The Good
In life, the communication between one and other/others can either be a good or bad expierence.  My life, however, has many good communication expierences.  When I'm with my friends, there is never a dull moment.  The communication between my friends and I is an excellent example of good communication.  There is never an awkward moment, or any difficult sitiuations between us, making the communication between us good.

The Bad
Even though there are many times we share a good communication with someone, we aslo may expierence many times where we find ourselves in difficult sitituations making the communication bad.  For example, when i was in first grade, I had a pencil in my leg. My friend, Samantha, witnessed the inncodent. Afterwards, she sat there and stared as I laid on the ground with only 3 of the 7 inches of the pencil sticking out of my leg. As she stood in shock, I began to tell her to go get my mom as she repeated over and over again, "Are you okay?!" Finally, she listened to me and sprinted to get my mom.