Thursday, March 3, 2011


Channel - By which a message is transmitted (through one's senses).

Transmition through gestures.
The 5 Senses:
1. Sound
2. Sight
3. Smell
4. Touch
5. Taste

Tast is not usually used when one communicates with others unless the relationship between one and another is very great.  Kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend would be prime example in transmitting a message through taste.

As the watches the gestures and facial expressions, they are using their sight to help in interperting the message the sender is sending. 

Touching usually is used to show the relationship between one another or used to explain what the speaker is trying to say.

While listener listens to the speaker, they are, usually, receiving the message through the sense of sound. 

Smell is uncommon also in channel.  However, one may think differenly of the person they are communicating with if they smell bad.  Or they may think better of someone if they smell really good.

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